Meet the Team

Husband and wife Graeme and Rosi Hurring

Rosi is a professional craft artist making traditional Bulgarian items for clients in the corporate world and for the home maker.

Graeme is an automotive engineer with a passion for adventure travel.

For both of them working with their hands is a pleasure and a natural way to express their talents.

They started Fit Stop Garage with the purpose of helping individuals, that craft a living from working with their hands, get a little more organized and better equipped with the things that they carry daily.

So if you’re a plumber, mechanic, electrician, welder, truck driver, fisherman builder, machinist, farmer or someone who works with their hands, you are the ones in the back of their minds when looking for and adding useful and usable items.

Life is all about experiences and situations linked to those experiences.
It’s how we handle those situations that determines our perspective of the whole experience.
Having the right gear to help with any given situation will go a long way to ensuring that you have a good experience.

You never know what on any given day life is going throw at you.
It could something as insignificant as breaking a shoe lace to something that lands you in a place you would rather not be.

A broken shoe lace can solved by using a piece of string or paracord.

Being in a place you don’t want to be you may need the use of some basic tools or the convenience of a flexible credit card. (We can help with a card holder, not the credit card)

You want to know that the gear you invest in is going to be there for you when you need it.

We bring you a wide range of ideas that will give you a Base to build on.
Many items will be familiar to you while occasionally there will some that are completely alien and hopefully make you pause to think on them.

While not everything we talk about is to do with personal everyday carry, we think you’ll find many of the distractions interesting.

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