Canvas duffle bags make great weekender bags that come in many variations of color, size and price. It’s not hard to find a style that suits you and the occasions you need it for. Most importantly these bags will hold enough essentials to get you by for 48 – 72 hours (2 -3 days)

Choosing which style and size can be the hardest part of the buying decision.

But don’t let it take away the excitement of looking forward to your up coming getaway.

By going with canvas as your material of choice you have weeded out many unworthy contenders in your search for a weekender bag.

Though you are not out of the woods yet. So to help we’ve selected some of the best canvas duffles from an overwhelming bunch of literally hundreds and assembled them here.

You will find over 30 bags in different price ranges, all chosen with a single goal in mind – ‘must carry enough gear for 48 hours’. While there are varying sizes many are TSA compliant for use as carry on luggage.

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“If it survives this trip it’s paid for itself!”

waxed canvas duffle


So you have an up coming trip for a couple of days and you’re in need of a weekend bag that will get the job done?

While the S-Zone waxed canvas duffel might not be the most stylish weekender it does have that worn rustic appeal that goes well with many dress styles and occasions.
If the weather happens to be a touch damp the wax canvas exterior will certainly keep your contents dry in all but the most extreme conditions.

There is plenty of interior space for the essentials needed for a couple of days getaway including an inside pocket or two for those items that you require easy access to.

Leather handles make for a comfortable carry or there is a shoulder strap if you prefer.

This bags sizing certainly makes it eligible for carry on luggage, though don’t over pack it as you may find it having to be checked in.

The hardware may not be as durable as what you would expect on a bag in a higher price range so if you think you may overfill it it maybe a good idea to look for something a little bigger. Price $39.99

canvas duffle bag


Looking more expensive than it is and available in four color variations this canvas duffle is a weekend bag that packs more than you would need for a couple of days.

Featuring internal and external pockets for those need to get to items like phones and passports this canvas and PU leather bag has all the right essentials.

It might be a little squeeze to use it as a carry on but not out of the question. A shoulder strap is supplied to aid in carrying when you need your hands free.

Canvas is a very durable material and while this bag is not wax treated to waterproof, it will keep out light rain for short periods.

For the price and size others have found this bag ideal. Read their views here. Price $39.99

canvas weekender duffle


So you know you travel light and only require a bag for the very essentials over a couple of days. The Bluboon duffle has a compact size but there’s plenty of room for a couple of days clothing and a dopp kit.
It would be advisable to double check the dimensions for size and assess if the bag is going be large enough for your needs.

Size dimensions are given and you can see them here.

Featuring an array of external and internal pockets there is no shortage of space for chargers, phones and other everyday carry items – just leave the sharp ones at home if you intend to fly.

The main zippered compartment opens up wide for easy packing and access to your things. If not using it for a weekend bag it will double perfectly as a gym bag. Do let it breathe if you use it as a gym bag as canvas can be more susceptible to smells than nylon or PVC. Price $46.99

H&M canvas weekend bag


Most you will be familiar with the H&M brand. While their quality can be a little sideways at times they do have some articles that are worth looking at. The Canvas Weekend Bag being one of them.

This truly is a weekend bag or maybe more correct an overnighter. Which ever way you look at it this canvas duffle will hold a change of clothes, sleep wear and your personal toiletry bag.

No problems as a carry on, just remember the rules about liquids when flying.

Available in two color options, beige or black. A detachable shoulder strap accompanies the imitation leather carry handles and there is two inner pockets for your need-to-get-to items. Price $49.99

PVC Tarpauplin duffle bag


While this is not a canvas duffle it is well worth the mention and the material is just as tough, if not more durable, than most canvases.

PVC tarp material has a good reputation for being tough and waterproof, especially with welded seams and not sewn.

Should you require a weekender bag that needs to withstand the elements of the outdoors this bag is probably for you. Available in four colors and three size options. The smallest may pass as carry on but don’t hold your breath if you pack it full.

These bags don’t have internal pockets.

Having backpack straps gives another way to carry the bag besides the carry handles and shoulder strap.

Thinking you may need the waterproof nature of marine PVC, see the size and color options here. Price $49.99

travel kit


“Maybe I should spend a little more and get FREE shipping”

vintage canvas duffel


Canvas is a tough durable material which makes it great for all manner of things, but despite these good characteristics, softness is often lacking. The Gootium bag has all the good qualities you expect from canvas and it’s soft due to the stone wash process it goes through.

Carry handles and accents are genuine leather. With a little bit of care this bag will last you for years.

As with many duffles this one also has a shoulder strap allowing your hands to be free to do other tasks while on the move.

Interior space is ample for clothing and a few personal items required over an extended weekend. Though there is only one interior pocket it will hold the important items that you need quick access to – passport, mobile phone and travel docs.

It can be used as a carry on but also robust enough to be checked in. Price $52.99

Bespoke weekender canvas duffel


Should you be looking for something a little different with a style that dates back to the days of stone masons who used their bags to carry tools.

Made from heavy canvas and supported by an inner frame this weekender from Bepoke Post is made to last. Genuine leather is used for the carry handles and securing buckles, while the adjustable shoulder strap is cotton webbing.

Olive, Navy, Grey or Natural are the available colors. However no matter which color you choose the distinctive looks of this weekender will set you apart from the crowd.

Made in NYC. Price $55

oversized canvas duffle


OK, so you are looking for a canvas duffle that has looks, style durability and can be used as a carry on but your just not quite sure which one.

Would the opinions of over 500 buyers help you in your decision?
You got it. Read what other happy buyers have to say about this canvas duffle here.

It does come in four different colors, has interior pockets and one exterior and has a leather reinforced bottom. Price $55.99

With these great looks and style you may want to add a matching Dopp case

wonder youth canvas duffle


Having very similar characteristics as the S Zone above this weekend bag has the additional features of waterproof canvas and multiple zippered interior pockets for securing the things you need to get to easily.

While the material this bag is made of is waterproof, the bag itself would only be light shower proof because of the exposed metal zipper.

The handles and base are made from leather and there is three color options – green, grey and khaki.

Currently there is a 50% discount on this bag though it is still nine dollars more than the canvas duffle above. You would have to decide if the added feature of waterproof canvas is worth it. If you do like to carry a lot of accessories like chargers, usb cables, notebooks, flashlight and a couple of phones the extra interior pockets could prove valuable. Price $64.99

khaki canvas duffel


Seen here is the third canvas bag in this style and while it does not offer any more features or benefits, as such, over the other two. The mixing of the leather and wax canvas colors is less contrasting giving the bag a more subtle look.

In the end it’s all about your taste, and style and having a couple of slightly varying options is often better than options that sit at opposite ends to each other. Price $72.99


“If I get FREE shipping I may get that new wallet”

leather and canvas duffel bag


Vintage looks in a world of modern travel.
Size wise this canvas duffle weekender has dimensions that push the limits of the ‘carry-on’ idea but not everyone wants to fly. Pack this stylish duffel with your weekend essentials and throw it in the car for a road trip worth embarking on.

The striped interior lining adds to the vintage look and the fold over clasp on top is nice finish to securing the contents of the bag. Price $79.97

leather and canvas weekender duffle


Something a little more contemporary from a brand known the world over. Though I hardly think Levi’s makes bags, this canvas duffle does have a refined masculine look.

Sporting external dimensions of 22.5″ x 12″ x 10″ this branded bag makes a perfect carry on.

However if you are packing for a long weekend you may want to look for a bag with a bit more space. This one will suit an overnight trip and those that really do pack light. Price $79.99

Beckel canvas war bag


So you’ve been searching for a weekend duffle. Probably found a few including what you have seen here and everything you’ve seen seems to be a blur – “What had leather trim?”, “Was that one a good carry on?”, “Geez, what was that one with free shipping!”

We get it, and know where you’re coming from.

In amongst all that clicking and reading did you discover the Beckel Canvas War Bag?
Made in Portland, Oregon. Company’s been making canvas products for over 40 years.

Maybe? Can’t remember? Their canvas duffles are simple yet stylish. The ‘War Bag’ is built as a carry on and has leather reinforcing in the right places. I’m not sure about going to war with this bag but it does come in a variety of colors to suit whatever mission you are on. Price $85

Waxed canvas duffle


A waxed canvas duffle for those that can’t quite fit everything for weekend into a carry on sized bag.

I even know a couple of guys that can’t pack what they need for three days in to a weekend bag. Always makes me feel like I’ve forgotten something.

This duffle has no wheels so if you pack it you have to carry it. Price $89.99

Everlane twill weekender duffle


Sleek, clean and undeniably fashionable.

Everlane’s Twill Weekender duffle comes in seven color variations, has a zippered inside pocket and the twill fabric is water resistant.

Whether you fly or drive this weekend duffle would mix well in Vegas yet be just as fitting for a few days taking in the sun and sea in Florida. Price $98

waterproof weekend duffle


Are your weekend getaways more about the outdoors and adventures, like a weekend fishing trip or a 4x4 excursion. Getaways where you don’t need a back pack just a good quality, durable easy to carry duffle.

The Scout 21 from North St bags is a weekend duffle that is up to task. Made in the US from 1000 denier Cordura and lined with a waterproof liner it’s a bag you can depend on.

These round duffles are made to order so don’t leave ordering one until the last minute. Price $99


“Why is everything I like just outside my budget?”

owen & fred mens work duffel


Owen & Fred’s Work Hard Play Hard duffle makes an ideal gym/sports bag but if you do like to travel light it will hold the essentials needed for a 48 hour mission.

Constructed from 18oz Duck Canvas and a bottom layer of 1000 Denier nylon the exterior of this duffle is really built to last. There is no point in making a tough exterior if the hardware is not as durable so this US company uses YKK zippers for the main and interior pocket closures.

Inside is lined with Denier nylon and apart from the zippered pocket there is two other non-zippered ones for your passport, notebooks or phone. An adjustable shoulder strap is supplied for those that prefer to sling it than carry it. Price $109

eastpak karson opgrade canvas duffle


Are you thinking to travel incognito? What better bag to accompany you than this black canvas Karson Opgrade duffle from Eastpak.

Featuring an internal laptop sleeve and a spacious fully lined zipped side compartment that’s ideal for your sneakers, gym kit or your favorite trucker cap. Hidden away there is two shoulder straps that convert this duffle into a backpack.

Available with Free shipping from Mr Porter. Price $125

classic duffel weekender


If you ever wanted a recommendation for a good weekend duffle I would have to say that the barrel type are the best – IMO. With straps that wrap around the exterior these things can hold a weight or two but remember you have to carry it.

When choosing one make sure the materials and construction are up to the task you intend it for.

Topo Designs classic duffle is made from 100D Cordura and fitted with quality hardware and backed by a lifetime warranty. There is always a little bit of peace of mind when you know a company is prepared to stand behind their products. Available from Back Country. Price $129

Patagonia black hole duffel


There’s those that really like sport style duffles and Patagonia are a well known brand that sell great outdoor adventure gear. With a mix of sport styling and made from tough durable materials like 900D Ripstop, Patagonia’s Black Hole duffle makes a great weekender for the outdoor adventurist.

Features internal pockets to keep those smaller necessities organized and padded removable shoulder straps for when you have packed a bit too much and need to rest your arms. Price $136

leather and waxed canvas duffel


Looking for some color in your weekend duffle – then look no further.

With over ten color options available your only decision is which color!

Fjallraven is Swedish. It’s has been around for over 50 years and they specialize in outdoor equipment. So you know they know a thing or two about making gear that lasts and made to work in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

Duffel No.4 has two outer pockets and one inner. The leather carry handles are long enough so the bag can be carried on the shoulder or as a back pack. Unfortunately there is no supplied shoulder strap.

Outer waxed fabric (a heavier version of Fjallraven’s  own G1000 fabric) is water resistant and the bottom is reinforced with dual layers. Price $139

Weekender canvas duffle


If you have ever wanted that classic vintage traveler look in your luggage then you have found it here in the Trafford Weekender.

It’s not often you find a product description by a company that isn’t more than a brief run down of the products features but United by Blue have done a good job of describing what this weekender is all about.

The best beer festivals only happen once a year, so you better stuff the Trafford Weekend Tote to the brim and start driving. You’ll need more than one change of clothes to handle the festival shenanigans, and luckily this bag has a spacious main compartment with a secure zip closure so you don’t have to compromise on your packing list.

Comes with a built to last Lifetime Guarantee. Price $168

mens travel kit


BOOM! “There goes the budget”

Bradley mountain weekender canvas duffle


Bradly Mountain is US company based in San Diego, CA.

All materials used in their bags are sourced locally and the bags are all handmade to order.

While we all like instant gratification, ordering a product that you know is going to be made especially for you can be well worth the wait.

Being a custom made bag you would be proud to bring it on-board with you as a carry on. (Would I entrust my custom made bag to the care of airport baggage handlers – I don’t think so!)

If you are in the process of pre-planning your next trip now would be a good time to organize that new weekend duffle if you want one from Bradley Mountain. Price $179

Frost River waxed canvas flight bag


The simple beauty of pure function. A bag that is designed to a job and do it well. Handmade in Duluth, Minnesota, USA from quality 18oz Duck Cotton waxed canvas, genuine leather and solid brass hardware.

Frost River gives you the option to upgrade your shoulder strap from webbed cotton item to a 2″ leather one and if you require you can also add leather shoulder pad for increased comfort.

For some extra personalization you can add a leather luggage tag and/or a buckskin patch of your state.
Price $190

heavy duty canvas duffle


Is your up coming travel destination more field trip than pool side lounging. If so you are going to need a duffle that can take a bit of punishment and still come up looking good.

A Field Duffle from Filson may just be the bag you seek. Constructed from heavy-duty, water-repellent, abrasion-resistant fabric and fully lined with nylon your gear is coming home in the bag it went away in.

If you are flying don’t expect to carry this bag on board you will probably have to hand it over to the care of your flights luggage handlers. You will be pleased it’s built tough. Price $195

leather and duck canvas weekend bag


Toning it down a bit and bringing in the travel style of a modern jet setter the Apolis Mason bag is made for the guy or gal on the move.

Using an aluminum frame as support for the Duck canvas opening, American leather for the handles, buckles and base this carry on duffle is ready to put in thousands of miles and years of service. Price $198

waxed cotton canvas shoulder duffel


Every guy has his go-to gear, whether that be a pair a of jeans, a jacket, a hoodie or a pair of shoes these are the items that we take with us no matter what.

An item that is often over-looked and shouldn’t be, is a good weekend bag. It needs to hold the essentials and have room for the unknown. Abingdon Weekender duffle from J.Crew could just be that bag.

Made from HD waxed cotton with leather carry handles attached to full under bag support straps it has all the right boxes ticked to become a go-to bag for all the planned and unplanned travel adventures. Price $198


“What budget? Give me the damn bag!”

waterproof canvas carry on duffle


There is two very good reasons to buy the Mt. Drew duffle.
1. Quality materials like the organic waxed cotton canvas, the vegetable tanned leather and the brass hardware.
2. For every product sold they remove one pound of trash from the ocean and waterways.

This classic style canvas duffle features a zip interior pocket and a large zippered exterior pocket. Leather carry handles that are attached by solid brass hardware and a removable shoulder strap.
Waxed cotton outer is water-repellent and the base is fitted with brass feet.

United by Blue cover this bag with their Lifetime Guarantee. Price $228

Defy ultimate overnighter


Could this be the toughest duffle on the market? Well it was designed to be.
Made in the USA from military grade materials – including canvas used for the cover on a 6x6 M35 cargo truck, ripstop nylon parachute material and 2 inch wide seat belt straps. This bag is designed to get your gear to your destination and back in uncompromised condition.

Should your weekend getaway see you going in to tough conditions this is the bag you want. Price $229

waterproof waxed canvas duffle


If you like rat rods and bikes, have penchant for beach racing (TROG – the race of gentlemen) and are often defined as a little rough ’round the edges then this bag is your style. No waiting for your father or grandfather to pass on their trusted kit.

The luggage duffle from Hide & Drink has all the characteristics of a well crafted bag that has been relied upon for years and looks that get better with use and age.
Hand-made from waxed canvas and full grain leather. Interior has 100% cotton lining and a key leather fob to attach your keys to. Each end of the bag has an external zipped compartment. Price $250

Red Oxx air boss bag


Are your extended weekends are mix trains, planes and automobiles? Then you require a bag that’s built tough, passes carry on inspection and holds everything you need to see you through.

Welcome in the Air Boss from Red Oxx. Made from 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified Cordura nylon and double boxed stitched for unbreakable strength.
Zips are self locking from YKK and fitted with nylon cord monkey fist knots for easy opening and closing.

Designed with three large main compartments, the Air Boss carry-on bag also features two outside zippered pockets. Hand-made in the USA and comes with Red Oxx’s “No Bull” Lifetime Warranty. Price $255

Voyager waxed canvas weekender


This Voyager duffle from Owen & Fred is made with waterproof and re-waxable 10.10 oz Martexin waxed canvas in army green. Those harness leather straps are from one of America’s oldest tanneries, Wicket and Craig. Brass hardware and a navy cotton twill liner complete the finish.

Interior has two large zipped pockets. The main opening has a brass YKK zip with a leather pull. For hands free carrying there is an adjustable shoulder strap.

Should your trip be longer than a couple of days, the Voyager can hold enough clothes to see you through a week. Price $275

carter duffle


Not your normal duffle. Being uniquely shaped and lightweight this bag is a little bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades.

It can be carried as a backpack, a shoulder bag or use the carry handles. Made from pu coated cotton canvas with a leather base and trim. As well as a large interior the bag also features some clever placed zipper pockets to store your phone, wallet and other belongings. Check out the short video. Price $279

Tommy Trip canvas weekender


Constructed out of waxed canvas and quality leather, this Netherlands made duffel bag is ideally suited to one or two night trips. Be those nights in the luxury of a hotel or out in the open camping, the Tommy Trip will keep your gear safe and organized. With a padded internal pocket for a 13″ laptop and two external pockets for wallets, cables, chargers, phones and other edc items you require while away.

A heavy cotton adjustable shoulder strap and detachable shoulder pad make this weekend duffle comfortable to carry hands free. Price $349

Duluth sportsman canvas duffel


A classic English design made in the USA.
When you need to travel light but show up in style the Sportsman duffle from Duluth Pack ticks the right boxes.
Heavy duty 15oz canvas, premium leather rolled handles, base and trim, quality roller buckles that secure the top dust flap and a leather padded shoulder strap.

Retaining classic good looks yet tough enough to handle the rigors of life on the road with an adventurous sole but not at all out of place in those important formal occasions. It’s built to last and is Guaranteed for Life. Price $395


weekend travel essentials

Vikings Blade - Chieftain Razor

  • Hand Crafted
  • Premium Swedish Metal Alloys
  • Quick 5 Second Blade Change
weekend travel essentials


  • Bvlgari Aqva Marine Shampoo and Shower Gel
  • Notes of pine needle – oils – cedar wood
  • Feel and Smell Fresh
mens dopp kit

Vetelli Hanging Dopp Kit

  • Luxury Vintage Design
  • Hang or Lay Flat
  • Lifetime Warranty

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